KN: Horizons


1.16.5 space and tech modpack

Space, Tech, Exploration

Horizons is a tech-based modpack for 1.16. It is packed to the brim with amazing tech mods, quality of life features, and new biomes, dungeons, and dimensions to checkout. On top of all of this, you also get all the epic features that come with the 1.16 update.

Feature Highlights

  • 1.18 features such as the deep dark, warden, etc
  • Amazing looking world with improved dungeons, strongholds, and caves
  • New amazing biomes and world generation
  • Blast off to space and checkout other worlds and planets
  • Build your own mechanical factory with Create and 5 other addons
  • 100s of new animals, mobs, and bosses
  • Amazing Improvements to the End with Better End
  • Huge range of tech mods such as Mekanism, Environmental Tech, and Alchemistry
  • Build your own advanced rail systems with Immersive Railroading
  • Performance improvements and tweaks
  • Lots of quality of life changes to the game, menu, and UI
  • Over 150+ carefully select and tested mods
  • Built to run on lower-end systems with only 5gb RAM needed



Not sure how to download, or what launcher to use? No worries, press the button and we’ll guide you over it all.

Images From Horizons

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