Base Griefing

If your base has been griefed, first we’re really sorry to hear that, we know it can be a pain to lose your stuff. Here is what you can do if your claim has been griefed.

– We will not help you if the claim was griefed by someone you added to your claim with /trust. Its called /trust for a reason, only add people you trust.
– We will not help you if the items were right on the edge of your claim.
– We will not help you if any part of your base is not claimed.
– We will not help you if you have an active warning or have been banned from our servers in the past.
– We will not help you if we have warned about an issue with claims within the last week.
– If banned items are found in your base

Claims will be removed after 90 days.

If none of this applies to you, please open a support ticket and give our staff team the location of your base. Your items will be refunded or the base will be rolled back.