Spellbound Banned Items

Here are all the banned items for Spellbound

Reasons for bans

Claim Bypass – These bypass people’s claims, these have been banned until we can fix the issue.
Server Lag – These items cause the server to lag. They have been banned to improve the experience of other players.
Server Crash/Time Out – These items make the server go offline or time out.
Too OP – These items have been banned to help balance out the modpacks.
Dupe Bug – Not all items that dupe have been banned, only a select few that are very easy to use, or used a lot. 

EFLN – Big boom
Crystal Chest – Lag
Crystal Chest Upgrade – Lag
Transfer Nodes ALL – Crash issue
EnderIO Conduits ALL – Lag

If an item is missing, please let a staff member know. Thanks!