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Suggest a mod

If you want us to add a mod to our modpacks or servers, please fill out the form below.

Please make sure you do not use links from sites such as 9minecraft. These sites are known to host malware and don’t support the mod makers. If your suggestion comes with a link to a link to an untrustworthy site, it will be ignored.

When filling out the form please:

  • Make sure the mod is for the correct Minecraft version.
  • The link is valid 
  • The mod has a stable release
  • The mod make allows their mod to be included in a modpack 

Before you suggest a mod

Check our list of rejected mods here

Thanks for your suggestion. Please don’t spam staff about your mod idea. Sometimes it can take a few months for a mod to show up in a pack. We test and make sure the mod is stable before we add it to any of our servers or packs.