KN: Mythic


1.7.10. Magic Modpack

Dive into a world rich with magic and adventure!

The Mythic modpack is all about two things… Magic and adventure. It comes crammed to the brim with new worlds for you to explore, stories to discover, and magical forces to learn. Mythic is steeped with magical lore and using amazing mods like Thaumcraft, Witchery, and AM2 it gives you a range of magical systems to play around with. All the mods in Mythic have been carefully chosen to not only work smoothly with each other but also feel like they belong in the same universe, with seamless integration between them.

Although heavily focused on magic, that isn’t all there is to Mythic, we also have some tech mods here. Everyone likes a bit of automation, and the small, but carefully chosen, list of tech mods allow for you do it exactly that.

Mod Highlights

Aether 2
Magical Crops
Immersive Engineering



Not sure how to download, or what launcher to use? No worries, press the button and we’ll guide you over it all.

Images From Mythic

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