To keep our servers a fun place for everyone, we have a number of rules you must follow on our servers. 

People are here to play Minecraft, not to be judged on their beliefs, political opinion, sexual orientation, gender or race.

Network Wide Rules

No Inappropriate or Offensive Names or Skins

If you’re using what we deem to be an offensive username or skin you will be banned from our network until you have modified your skin or changed your username. What is seen offensive is down to our staff team at the time of the offence.

Do not dispute bans, warnings, etc for yourself or other players in chats.

We’re only humans and sometimes mistakes are made. If you feel your ban or warning was in error use the correct channels, by opening a support ticket or appealing the ban. Do not dispute your ban or warning in a public chat, this will just result in your ban being escalated.

Also disputing a warning or ban on behalf of another player in chats, will result in a ban or warning. 

No Hacked or Cheat Clients

Even attempting to join one of our servers with a mod that has been designed to give you an advantage over other players, will mean you are permanently banned from that server.

Our servers do have Anti-Cheat systems and staff are always on the look out for people trying to cheat. 

Do Not Use Exploits of Any Kind

If you use any exploit to aid your progression or help you win a fight, you will be banned from the server without any warning.

No Disrespecting Other Players

People are here to have fun and just enjoy the game. We clamp down hard on any bullying or offensive behavior. 

This is also what we deem to be offensive. If you’re happy to use racist and homophobic language, use in private chats or when talking to mates. It has NO place in our public servers or Discord.

No Abusing Membership/Rank Privileges

We are grateful that people donate to our servers, without those people we wouldn’t be here. However, all the rules still apply to you. You don’t get a pass just because you paid for a rank or kit from our online store. 

Also if you are found to abuse the power given to you by a rank or kit, we will remove rank or kit from your player data.

No Spamming, Excessive Caps or Excessive Swearing

Lets keep the chat clean! Also, don’t spam staff…. they don’t like it 🙁 Our staff team are also English, please keep chat talk English.

No Intentionally Ruining The Experience For Other Players

Remember that other people are on this server to have fun too.

No Disrespecting Staff

Staff are here to help you out. Lets be nice to them!

No Raiding or Griefing

Would you like all your hard work taken while you’re offline? Think about how you would feel with trying to steal from other players. 

We have refined our claim system over the months and not a lot bypasses it, but the claim system can’t help you if you don’t claim all your base. If a player you have trusted or you haven’t claimed your base, I’m sorry we wont refund your items.

WHAT!? Other people?

Remember, you are not the only player on this server. Think about this when building a base. Any base that caused an abnormal drain on the server’s resources, as some of you have found out, will have all known laggy items stripped from the base. We will do this without warning.

No AFK Pools!

We have a AFK Timer for a reason, if you are to be found with an AFK Pool you will be warned and asked to remove it.

If you rebuild the AFK pool once it’s been taken down you will get a ban or warning depending on how this issue is played out between yourself and the staff member dealing with the issue. 

If you are no longer online but a staff member finds an AFK pool in your base then you will be warned and the pool removed, if you have multiple people in your base and the AFK pool is in the same base as you and your friends then everybody in your claimed base will get a warning so then it’s not all blamed on one person as we won’t know who the pool belongs to! 

Mythic Server Rules

All normal rules apply here, but as this is a magic server we need to add a few more.

Taglocking Staff

We don’t stop you from Taglocking staff, that’s all part of the pack, however you tricking a staff member to get their Taglock is. Lets put this into an example… If you ask for a staff members help just to grab their Taglock, you could find yourself with a warning or a 3 day ban.

Taglocking in Spawn

Spawn is a safe haven. If we find you Taglocking in spawn, you will find yourself with a ban. So don’t do it 😀 

Purposely Tainting Others Bases 

This may seem obvious, but as we found out to some people it isn’t. Purposely tainting another base, does count as griefing.

Battlegrounds Server Rules

As Battlegrounds is a factions server, it doesn’t follow our normal server rules. Here is the full list of how our factions work and how we expect all players to act when on our servers.

No Setting Homes in Another Players Faction

If you are found to have set a home or used any other way to set a teleport to another faction, you will be banned from our server. If you find a faction you can way-point it or have a teleport to the outside of the base, but not directly inside it.

No Killing in The Safe Zone

You are not allowed to kill or raid anyone inside the safe zone. This is a space for people stating out to build their items up or a player who has just been raided to rebuild. Normal server rules are in place for this zone.

No Raiding If You Live In The Safe Zone

If your faction is based in the Safe Zone, you’re not allowed to raid other factions. If you’re found to be doing this, then your faction will be deleted along with your faction base.

Do Not Use Exploits of Any Kind

If you use any exploit to aid your progression or help you win a fight, you will be banned from the server without any warning. 

There Normal Rules Also Apply To These Servers

No Inappropriate or Offensive Names or Skins
No Client Modifications
No Acting Like Staff
No Disrespecting Other Players
No Abusing membership/rank privileges
No Spamming or Excessive Caps and Swearing
No Intentionally Ruining The Experience For Other Players
No Disrespecting Staff