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Our Community 

We have build the Kinetic Network to be a friendly toxic free enviroment for players from all walks of live. People have come here to play Minecraft, not be annoyed by someone in chat.

Get More Involved  

You can get more involved with our community by joining our Discord server. Its a great place to chat with the other members of our network, get all the latest updates and news, and get support from our staff team.

Become a Member

If you find yourself enjoying our servers or just want some free stuff, you can become a member. If you signup to become a member you will get a free kit and the member rank on all of our servers. All you need to do is head to this page here.

Community Feedback

We’re always listening to our community and often open feedback forms so we can understand what you are and are not enjoying about our servers. We then use this information to help improve our network. You can also suggest your ideas to us and what mods you would like added to our packs anytime via Discord.