Here at kinetic we do everything we can to ensure the servers have the least amount of lag and provide a good experience for as many players as possible. On top of our server rules here are some Network policies you should all familiarize yourselves with.

Our Policies

Think When Building a Base

Remember this is a public server and think about other players when building your base. If you build a huge auto farm, mob farms, large machine banks, have your base creates a large amount of items of XP orbs, ETC. Then you do so at your own risk. If the base is found to lag the server and is hindering the experience of our other players, then it will be removed by one of our staff team without any warning. We’re not saying that you can’t build auto farms and things like that, this is a modded server after all, we’re just saying think of the server. This is not the same as your single-player world or server with 5 of your mates.

Staff Decisions

Sometimes staff has to make decisions you wont like. It isn’t because we don’t like you it is because we have to make the tough decisions in order to keep all the servers running as smoothly as possible. We volunteer our time to bring you the Kinetic Network of servers with no pay and little reward. We do it for you. Please remember this when you are upset over a decision we make.

Land Claims

If you /trust someone and they steal your stuff that is for you to sort out. We also don’t refund items if your base is not claimed correctly. Our claim system has been heavily tested to make sure that nothing can bypass this. If your base has been raided please check that your claim we setup correctly before contacting staff.

Exploits and Bugs

If you knowingly exploit a bug or glitch in the servers then you could face a ban or base wipe. If we find you to be duping items we will wipe your base without warning as we don’t know what items have been cheated and what hasn’t.

Always use Common Sense

When playing on our server always use common sense. Think about other players, the staff team and the fact you’re playing modded Minecraft. No modded server is bug free and we also work on the servers on top of real jobs and for free. This means when an issue is reported it will be fixed, but it may take a little bit of time for us to get to it.

We also don’t make the mods and some bugs are out of our hands.

Removing of Mods

We don’t like doing this but sometimes we have no choice but to removed a mod. In this case most of the time we will refund of a number of items or make a publicly available kit. We prioritise server up time and as lag free experience over our packs mod list. You may really enjoy the mod we’re removing, but isn’t it better to have that mod removed and have a smooth and stable server so you can enjoy the other mods more?

As stated before we don’t make all the mods in our packs and sometimes there is not a lot we can do when one has an issue.

Please keep these things in mind on top of reading and understanding our rules. Thank you!