Colony: Classic is back! Dive in the the classic 1.7.10 space and tech modpack and explore the stars.


Check out a huge range of planets, dimensions and locations. Colony comes jammed with cool looking worlds and terrain


Use the force luke! Dive into your own force abilities and get ready with master the art of using a lightsaber.


Why build eveything yourself when you could get a machine to build it for you? Colony: Classic has over 50 tech mods for you to play with.

Star TreakĀ 

Maybe you was always more into Star Treak than Starwars? That’s fine, Matter Overdrive has you covered. Its based on the Star Treak, and comes with some epic tools and amour.

Track the world?

Why walk when you have rails?


RAM: 3gb
64 bit Java 7


RAM: 5gb
64 bit Java 8

Please Note:

Added too much RAM to a modpack can make it slower. Please make sure you don’t add more than 8gb.

Network Host:

Kinetic Network


Colony: Classic was closed down in June 2019 to make room for the new Colony 1.12.2 server. After demand, it was then reopened in 2020, with SleepingTea stating that it was a mistake to close the original server.