Kinetic: Infinity

Not sure what to choose? Pick a modpack that doesn’t make you chose. Kinetic: Infinity has a huge range of mods for everyone.

The Tech

Become a robot and augment your own body, or build your very own factory and automate your crafting and mining.

The Magic

Study the stars and harness their power, or maybe learn thamuic, natural or dwarven magic. Forge great weapons with your new skills and craft fully custom and unique spells.

The Space

Fire off into space and discover and explore over 30 unique planets.

The Custom Stuff

Infinity comes packed with custom mods, edits and scripts you can not find in any other pack.

The Dinos

Hey, it even has dinosaurs!

So Much More

There is so much more to the Infinity pack, but we can’t list it all here.


RAM: 3gb
64 bit Java 7


RAM: 5gb
64 bit Java 8

Please Note:

Added too much RAM to a modpack can make it slower. Please make sure you don’t add more than 8gb.

Network Host:

Kinetic Network


Kinetic: Infinity is a follow on from the old Beyond and Beyond: Infinity modpacks.