Mythic: Novus


RAM: 3gb
64 bit Java 8


RAM: 5gb
64 bit Java 8

Please Note:

Added too much RAM to a modpack can make it slower. Please make sure you don’t add more than 8gb.

1.7.10 was a few years ago now, and in that time some new epic mods have been created. Jump into the Mythic you know and love, but only this time its in the 1.12.2 update and comes packed with new mods along side the classics.

Thaumcraft 6

Thaumcraft has been fully reworked and now offers something very new to the player. Like Mythic, Novus is also packed with addons.

Expansive Worlds

Like Mythic, Novus comes with a range of different mods that changes up the way the world looks and feels. The worlds also have a number of dungeons and other structures for you to check out and explore.

A Splash of Tech

You can’t live without that tech. Like Mythic, Novus also comes with Thermal, Industrial Forgoing and more

New magic

Novus is packed full of new magic mods. Like Roots, Embers, Wizardry and more

Network Host:

Kinetic Network


Novus is a Latin word and means new. So really you’re playing Mythic: New…. But saying it in Latin just makes it sound better.