Wizards Conquest: Tech & Magic

Love tech? Love magic? Well do I have the modpack for you. WC: Tech & Magic, is what it says on the tin, a tech and magic modpack. The pack is for version 1.7.10, and has a huge selections of mods.


WC: Tech & Magic has over 20 addons for Thaumcraft. These addons add a huge ammout of depth to the mod, and lost of new cool items to check out

New Worlds

WC: Tech & Magic comes crammed with new worlds for you to check out. Be this the twilight forest, Aether, or any of the abyssalcraft craft world.

All About Tech

WC: Tech & Magic also comes with a few tech mods like MFR, Thermal, Big Reactors, and AE2 to help you automate your life.

All About Magic

WC: Tech & Magic is packed full of magic mods. AM2, Witchery, Evil Craft, Blood Magic, Magical Crops, and so much more can be found in this pack.


RAM: 3gb
64 bit Java 7


RAM: 5gb
64 bit Java 8

Please Note:

Added too much RAM to a modpack can make it slower. Please make sure you don’t add more than 8gb.

Network Host:

Wizards Conquest


WC: Tech is called WeeCee by the staff team after a slip up by one of the managers… Its just kind of stuck.