Wizards Conquest VI


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Say hello to WC: 6

WC: 6 is the latest modpack from the Wizards Conquest Network. So, you’re going to want to know that this pack is all about, let me stop waffling and get to it. 😀

People love to be overpowered in modpacks, that one of the things we all love about modded. It allows us to build whatever we want, with powers like flight and easy ways to get blocks. We’ve built WC: 6 around this. It’s a magic pack at heart, but with mods like Project E and avaritia, the pack encourages you to become overpowered.


RAM: 3gb
64 bit Java 8


RAM: 5gb
64 bit Java 8

Please Note:

Added too much RAM to a modpack can make it slower. Please make sure you don’t add more than 8gb.

Network Host:

Wizards Conquest