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Referral Program

Get your hands on some rewards and perks for referring people to our network.

How does it work?

We want to give something back to the people who spread the word about us. If you have invited someone to our network all you need to do is get them to fill out the form bellow and you will be both in-for some rewards.


After filling out the form both you and the person you referred will get the Bronze rank on the selected server. The more people you refer, the better rewards you can get access to.

Bronze or Equivalent

1 Referral

Silver or Equivalent

5 Referrals

Gold or Equivalent

8 Referrals

Platinum or Equivalent

11 Referrals

Diamond or Equivalent

15 Referrals

Ruby or Equivalent

20 Referrals

To qualify for a reward the player you referred must have played on one of our servers for more than 5 days. (One login per day, not overall play time and does not need to be consecutive days.) Referrals can take a few days to process. Do not ask or spam any staff members about your application! If you do so, your reward will be forfeit.