Report A Bug

If you have found a bug or issue with our servers or modpacks, please report it here. Please DO NOT report bug with mods here, these will need to be reported to the make of the mod.

Have a crash issue?

If you have crashed, we can’t look into the issue without you also including your crash report. So please when sending in an issue that caused you to crash also include a link to a past bin. If you need help on how to do this, keep reading.

How to find a crash log?

We have the quesion alot, so have made a simple to follow YouTube video for it.

You can then upload the log here: Then send the link to your log with youe bug report.

What this is not for!

If you have an issue with the pack loading on startup, slow load times or anything that just affects yourself, this is NOT the place to report this kind of issue. Any issues that are just a problem for yourself need to be sent to us via a support ticket. This way we can talk to you and help you to resolve your problem.  Open a support ticket here

Also DO NOT report bugs with mod here, these need to be reported to the mod makers, no us.

So what is this for?

If you find something that makes you crash, a system not working on the server, a bugged item, login errors or anything like this please report it here. For example, if you find something that will bypass a claim or an item that will crash you when you place it, this is the place to report this. We can then look at the issue and try a fix it for the next update of the pack.