Rules and Policies
Please take the time to read and understand our rules.

Please read how our punishments work

Here are the rules and policies for our Modded Minecraft servers. Please take the time to read and understand these, as not knowing them is not an excuse in any way. People are here just to chill and play Minecraft, and these rules keep the server a safe and friendly place to do that. As such we also have a number of harsh punishments in place for people who breach the rules.


The punishment dealt out, is down to the moderator, or admin dealing with your ban or warning. They have the final say at that moment. However, you can appeal a ban/warning, if you feel yours was unfair, and we’ll get to how you can do that in a few moments. Arguing about the ban or warning in the chat or in our Discord, will only lead to the ban/warning appeal being ignored. Please do it in the official channels.

Warnings are issued for more minor or first-time offences, but it is also up to the staff member at the time, what is minor and what is not. We have official staff guidelines that all staff should follow, but they can’t cater to every moment.  If you’ve been issued with 2 warnings for the same offence, this will lead to a 3-day ban from our servers. If you’ve been issues with 3 warning for different offences, then this will also lead to a 3-day ban.

Warnings will stay active for 3 months, after that they will be removed from your account. Players with an active warning will notice that they now only offered limited support by our admin team. We will still help you with any issues that involve payment, such as our online store, or you not being able to join our servers. Beyond this, we will not help, until your warning expires. This includes if you base has been griefed.

We have two types of bans, network and server. A network ban means you’re banned from all our servers and a server ban just means you banned from the server you committed the offence on. The length of your ban will depend on the offence, but our ban system mostly works as follows. First ban: 3 Days, Second ban: 3 Weeks, Third Ban: 3 Months, Fourth Ban: Life.

If you’ve read all that, please press this button to be taken to our rules page.