Server files
Download the latest server files

Outdated Server Files?

If you find outdated server files, please report this to SleepingTea via Discord or email: [email protected] Sometimes it can take a bit of time for server files to be updated, so please wait a few days after an update before contacting SleepingTea.

What to do if server files are out of date?

You can update the server files yourself. Check the changelog for the new updated and remove/add the mods that have changed. All client-side changes will be marked with [CLIENT] in the changelog, so you can ignore those. When the official server files are updated, please make sure that you update your server to these, even if you’re running the new mods. Server file updates can come with mod fixes and config changes you won’t get if you only update the files yourself.

A note to hosting companies

We’ve spotted that a few hosting companies are starting to offer our packs, that’s brilliant. But if you’re doing this, please use the official server files and make sure they are updated. We’ve had a handful of players come to us with issues on their servers due to missing mod ETC. Thanks!

Infinity – 5.0.1

Colony – 5.4.0

Mythic – 4.2.0

Mythic: Novus – 1.0.0

Spellbound – 2.0.2

Please Note! We do not offer server files for Colony: Lost in Space, as this pack is built to be played on our public server.

Server Hosting!
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