Server Files

Outdated Server Files?

At heart, we’re a public Minecraft network, so sometimes our files for personal servers are outdated. If you find an outdated server file, please read on to find out what you can do. If you get stuck please ask for help on our forums or Discord server.

What To Do With Outdated Files?

If the server files are outdated, its very simple to update them. First, if you’re running 2.0.0b (For example) and the server files are 2.0.0a, don’t worry. Updates with an a, b, c, or d are just client updates and do not require a server update.

1.12.2+ Servers

If your modpack is 1.12.2+, then updating server files is easy. First, delete the mods and config folder out of your server. Then just open your client, go to the mods and config folders, then drag and drop all the mods and configs into the server. Remove the Kinetic Anti-Cheat, and bang… You’re done! Boot your server.

1.7.10- Servers

Its a bit more tricky with a 1.7.10 server, as a 1.7.10 server will crash if it sees a clientside mod in its folder. To help you update outdated server files for 1.7.10, all changelogs will let you know what mods are clientside, and what is not. To update your files, just take all the non-clientside mods from that update and add them to your server. Then, like with 1.12.2 just copy the configs over. You’re now done!

A Note To Hosting Companies

We’ve spotted that a few hosting companies are starting to offer our packs… That’s brilliant! If you’re doing this, please use the official server files and make sure they are updated. We’ve had a handful of players come to us with issues on their servers due to missing mod ETC. Thanks!

Infinity – 6.2.1

Colony: Classic – 0.1.0b

Mythic – 4.3.0

Jurrasic Evolution – 0.6.0

Mythic: Novus – 2.0.1

Boundless – 0.1.0

WC: Tech – 3.3.2

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