Join our staff team
Looking to join our staff?

Looking to join our staff team?

So you’re thinking about joining our staff team? Brilliant! Please make sure you have a read over this page before you apply.

Servers are made by their staff

In our eyes, a server can be made or destroyed by its staff team. If a new player joins our server and finds rude unhelpful staff, then they won’t stick around for long. Our Admin team read over every application and have chat with everyone who wants to be a staff member before we let you come aboard.
Don’t be put off by this… We don’t treat it like a job interview. It just a friendly chat so we can get an idea of what kind of person you are. Doing this allows us to have the amazing staff team we have today.

Professional Acting

We clamp harder on staff members who disregard the rules or abuse their new found power. Any staff member not following the rules will be removed from the staff team and possibly be banned from our network. Staff also need to be patient and understanding of players who may not know or understand the game as well as you.

As a staff member, you are representing our servers. So any disrespectful language towards anyone will mean you’re removed from the team.

Time off

If you ever want or need time away from the server please let us know first. Don’t worry about telling us, your space will still be there when you get back.

Your role will be to work with our build team on our latest build projects.

Will need to be 13 years of age or over.

Your role will be to help our players with how to use the mods in our modpacks and directing them to other members of staff. You will need a good understanding of a number of mods and our modpacks. This is a good role if you want to become a Moderator and currently under 16. As in this role you can prove your maturity.

Will need to be 13 years of age or over.

The moderator’s role is to make sure that players are sticking to the server rules and keep our servers a toxic free environment. They also check out griefed bases, and player reports.

Will need to be 16 years of age or over.

You will be helping our dev team and the owners create custom mods for the network. You will need to know the Forge API, Sponge API or Bukkit/Spigot API and need to have a good understanding of Java.

We’re also looking for devs who know, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP or the Electron API

The Admins role is much the same as a moderator. They must make sure that the players are sticking to our server rules. However, Admins also help with kits, perms, configs and new servers.

All Moderators will need to be over 15.

Operators take on the role of both Admins and Server managers. Helping keep the staff team in check, making sure the players are following the server rules and working on the backend of the servers.

Our servers use Forge, Bukkit, Spigot and Thermos. You do not need to know any programming for this role but will need to have a good understanding of how modded servers work.

All Moderators will need to be over 16.