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Suggested Mods

Here is a list of all rejected mods that have been suggested to us in the past. Please do not suggest any mod on this list.

Mod Name

Open Blocks


Ars Magica 

Mekanism Generators


AE2 Stuff

Extra Utilities 2

Parzi’s Star Wars Mod

Twilight Forest

Modpack Suggested For

All Packs

All Packs except Colony


All Packs

All Packs

All Packs




Reason For Being Rejected 

When removing open blocks from a server it can corrupt inventory and chests. 

Pipes cause lag issues

Conflicts with other mods

Mod can cause huge amounts of lag on servers

Pack already has veinminer 

Mod has a huge issues and bugs

Conflicts with other mods in the pack

Buggy and unfinished mods

Time out issues when on servers