KN: Survive


1.12.2 Hardcore Modpack

Winter is coming!

Survive is a survival modpacks. Everything here is built around giving you more of a challenge when it comes to Minecraft. Mobs are faster, stronger, and more hostiles. The health system has had a full overhaul and you’ll now have to worry about temperature and water. Survive brings a challenge, but we wanted to do that without annoyance. We’ve built Survive to try and feel like very death is warranted, not that you got cross-mapped by some MGL skeleton.


Survive also added in seasons. As you would expect you’ll get hotter or colder in some seasons, and some crops will grow better in some seasons than others. However, seasons bring with them some extra challenges. Mobs are much harder and faster in Winter. Winter also plays host to new boss mobs and mob types. The closer it gets to winter the harder the mobs will feel.

Don’t worry, we start you off in Summer, so you can get ready before the mobs descend.

Quests and Challenges

Survive also comes with a quest book for you to follow. There is a starting quest to help get you into the game, after that it’s full of goals and challenges for you to complete. Every challenge you complete will give you a fancy trophy and a random reward. Can you collect all of them?


> Quest book with challenges and goals
> New survival mechanics such as trust and temperature
> New dungeons with unique loot 
> Dragons and other mythical creatures to fight and tame
> Winter, Summer, Autumn (Fall), and Spring seasons
> Different seasons have different mobs to fight and get harder
> Changes to all base Minecraft mobs. They can use new weapons, tools, and armour. They also have more deadly attacks
> Zombies can now hear you and will be attracted to light sources
> Overhaul to the health system



Not sure how to download, or what launcher to use? No worries, press the button and we’ll guide you over it all.

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