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Thanks so much for stopping by this page. Kinetic wouldn't be here if it wasn't for people like you putting their time and love into the network. We can't wait to work with you, but we just need to go over some things first. Please take the time to read everything on this page, that way you get a stronger chance of getting accepted. Alright, let's get started, should we?

Kinetic needs a team of people to keep ticking. Here are all the roles that are currently open.


The first line of our staff team. Our moderators are in the servers to help keep them clean and friendly. You’ll also be on hand to answer any questions our players have and to direct them to the correct members of staff.

Moderator is also a good entry point for the staff team. From here you can work your way up the roles.

Builder Team

Keep our servers looking fresh. You’ll be working with our builder team on new spawns, hubs, lobbies, and more. As a network we always have something new for you to work on, so it won’t always ben lobbies, don’t worry!

As a builder, you won’t just be a drone but have the creative freedom to create whatever pops into your head.

Guide Team

Diving into modded can be tricky. We want to help our players with this by building out our own wiki and guide page. If you would like to help the Kinetic Community and know your way around mods, please check out this role.

As a thank you, we’ll give you some extra perks on the servers.

Media Team

Like making videos, streams, or even tweeting. Join our media team, and help us create new content for our players to enjoy. It could be anything from a collection of cool stuff you’ve seen on the server, to help videos and lets players.

True creative freedom is yours

Dev Team

Kinetic is always working on new projects and patching issues with mods and plugins. If you would like to help us build new mods, websites, launchers, and more please apply.

Our dev role will offer new challenges and goals all the time, you won’t just be working on the same projects day after day. This is a good role if you want to build out some kind of portfolio.

If you already know you want to join our staff team, then press the apply button. We'll get back to you via Discord if you've have been chosen to join the staff team. If you would like to find out more about the Kinetic staff team, then please keep reading.
Perks of Joining Kinetic

Kinetic needs a team of people to keep ticking. Here are all the roles that are currently open.

Extra Perms & Free Ranks

We give out free ranks to our staff members that you can keep even if you leave. As a staff member, you also get perks like teleport bypass and more.

Training & Experience

Joining our staff team will help you learn new skills, both from inside your role and outside. Joining the Kinetic staff team will help you get skills in teamwork, managing people, and dealing with customers. We also off training lessons for all our staff members. So you can pick up skills in Java, HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Linux Servers, Web Design, and more. All of this is free, and you don’t have to join our dev team to take part.

Something For Your Resume or CV

This might sound a bit silly, but it’s true. Kinetic is run by a real company and works in a professional way. You can put us down as work experience, and list the skills you used here. You don’t have to put you worked on a Minecraft server, but add that you worked in the gaming space, or worked on public gaming servers.

We’ve already had a number of staff members do work experience here, use us on college applications, and when applying for a job.

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