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Thanks for stopping by, we can’t wait to work with you.

Have A Litte Read

Thanks so much for stopping by this page. Kinetic wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for people like you putting their time and love into the network. We can’t wait to work with you, but we just need to go over some things first. Please take the time to read everything on this page, that way you get a stronger chance of getting accepted. Alright, let’s get started.

Perks of Joining

Everyone who has been on the staff team (and hasn’t been removed) gets a free rank when they leave.

This might sound a bit silly, but you can use your work here on your Résumé or CV. Kinetic is run by a real company and works in a professional way. You can put us down as work experience, and list the skills you used here. You don’t have to put you worked on a Minecraft server, but add that you worked in the gaming space, or worked on public gaming servers.

We’ve already had a number of staff members do work experience here, use us on college applications, and when applying for jobs.


At Kinetic we have three Moderator roles. Helper, Moderator, and Senior Moderator. When you first apply, if accepted, you’ll be put in the Helper role. Helpers have all the same powers as our Moderators, only they’re missing some more intrusive commands.

The longer you’re on the staff team, the higher the role you’ll climb to.

Builder Team

Keep our servers looking fresh. You’ll be working with our builder team on new some amazing new projects we’re working on. As a network we always have something new for you to work on, so you won’t be building spawns all day, don’t worry!

As a builder, you won’t just be a drone but have the creative freedom to create whatever pops into your head.


Kinetic always has a number of projects in the works, alongside the daily running of our servers. If you would like to help us build out these projects, and add new features to our servers, then please apply.

Any work you make for Kinetic can be used as a portfolio, and you as we’re a real company, feel free to put us down as work experience, or a reference.

Creation Team

The bigger Kinetic grows the more we want to do. Bigger servers with more objectives, quests, and story lines. We want to evolve our servers to offer more to our players, and we know our players also want this too.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own pack or server but don’t know how or just never had time to do it alone, this is the perfect role for you.

Beta Testers

You’ll be testing all upcoming modpacks and servers for Kinetic. There are no set time requirements to be a Beta Tester, just hop on whenever you have the time, and report any bugs you find.

You’ll get a fancy tag on any server you’ve beta tested for, and you’ll get to play with packs and servers before anyone else.