Join Our Staff Team

So you’re looking to join the Kinetic staff team? That’s amazing! We’re always on the look out for help, and a we would not be here today without both past and current staff memebers. We have a number of roles open, so we hope you’re find one to your linking.

Apply with by pressing the Green Button, or keep reading to find our open posts, perks, and a bit more info.

Perks For Joining The Team

Joining the Kinetic staff team will come with several perks.


Extra Perms & Free Ranks

We give out free ranks to our staff members that you can keep even if you leave. As a staff member, you also get perks like teleport bypass and more.


Training & Experience

Joining our staff team will help you learn new skills, both from inside your role and outside. Joining the Kinetic staff team will help you get skills in teamwork, managing people, and dealing with customers. We also off training lessons for all our staff members. So you can pick up skills in Java, HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Linux Servers, Web Desgin, and more. All of this is free, and you don’t have to join our dev team to take part.


Something For Your Resume or CV

This might sound a bit silly, but it’s true. Kinetic is run by a real company and works in a professional way. You can put us down as work experience, and list the skills you used here. You don’t have to put you worked on a Minecraft server, but add that you worked in the gaming space, or worked on public gaming servers.

We’ve already had a number of staff members do work experience here, use us on college applications, and when applying for a job.


Our Open Posts

We currently have posts open in the following roles.


Administrator Team

The Admin Team looks after all parts of our servers from helping players to setting up new servers. You’ll be dealing with all the new servers in the pipeline, and be in daily contact with the Kinetic Management Team.


Moderator Team

You’ll make sure all players are following the rules and dealing with any player questions. You’ll also be reporting issues back to the Admin Team of you come across anything.


Guide/Wiki Team

We want Kinetic to feel welcoming to both people who know modded, and people who don’t. This is why we’re now working on a guide for new players and, hey, it might even help some people out who know modded. We ask you to think back to when you started, and the questions you might have. As part of the Guide and Wiki team, you’ll be working alongside admins and owners, to help fill out our Guide. No matter how much or little you know, please apply.


Modpack Creator & Manager

We’re not looking at growing out the modpacks we offer. For both packs built for our public servers, and packs that are not. If you have any cool ideas, and enjoy making packs, then please apply. You’ll be working alongside our admins and owners.


Server Production Team

You’ll be working on all our new servers. Working on quests, tasks, kits, info, and you’ll be able to shape what that server will be. You’ll be working directly with the Management Team on this, and be working on new servers like Kingdoms and LIS.


Development Team

Doesn’t matter what programming language you know, please get on touch. We’re mostly on the lookout for people who know Java and Forge, but we have a lot of backend systems and programs here that come on all manager of languages.


Support Team

You’ll be working on our forums, Discord, and in our servers to help players out with quests, crash issues, and bugs


Build Team

You’ll be working on new and current servers. Building spawns, lobbys, games and more.


Quest Team

You’ll be working on coming up with storylines and quests in our servers. You’ll be able to fully shape the story to how you want.

Want To Apply?

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